The Dirty Dogs



Hello everyone and welcome to our site.  Song links are listed below ... we have quite a few songs in progress but we will release a few tracks at a time and go from there. People tend to like short bursts these days, so the 12 song CD is probably not the best route. 

If you like The Beatles, Stones, U2, Tom Petty, Black Keys and a little blues, stay tuned. If you lean more towards Rhianna and the current top 10 you probably won't have our songs in your collection, but you never know ... 

  Here's some background: we are songwriters based in Toronto and The Dirty Dogs ( David Henry, Joe Tavares ) is our way of sharing our songs, playing gigs around town and working with other musicians.


Through a mutual friend, one day in 1999 we somehow ended up jamming together in an empty industrial space. The friend, heavily into '70's progressive rock and disco (!) , left to run an errand and we were sitting around on our own. We quickly discovered we each had a love for The Beatles, Stones and the blues and that got us going. After many gigs, some rocking and jumping, and a few empty and quieter than a morgue, we kept going because we loved it ; we always will.  

We recorded our first release in 2008 at a studio just around the corner from Toronto's famed El Mocambo club, which was the site of legendary gigs by the Rolling Stones and Stevie Ray Vaughan among many others.  The disc is called 'Unleashed' and it's on I-Tunes;  there are songs on there that we still like and some of them have found their way on to online radio.    

The first  'Dirty Dog'  is Jessie - he was a great dog who loved music, especially blues for some reason- and spicy food -  never saw a bowl of hot chili that he didn't like ... he would sit between us while we rehearsed, just like he was watching a tennis match.  He would give you this unflinching stare if one us flubbed a note. He knew the material that well - we would call it  'The Look ' . 

 Needless to say each of us worked hard so that we wouldn't be on the receiving end of that.  He's still missed but we know he's around, so we have to keep working hard.



Now it's 2016 and we all need to stay positive and keep going, what else is there?

Check back periodically for updates -thanks as always, and keep following your favorite artists and buying their music because without you, there's nothing.   

The Dirty Dogs





David Henry:  guitar , vocals

Joe Tavares:   bass, vocals, keyboards 

also available on   Spotify